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JR Partners is proud to announce that they are official distributors of the Uhlmann Large Commercial Umbrellas.

We were searching the market for the best umbrellas at the best value, and found what we were looking for in the Uhlmann Umbrellas.

Made in Germany for two decades, the Uhlmann umbrellas are the market leaders in Europe, providing the best products at the best prices, and offering the best service. These umbrellas are made with the highest grade materials, meticulous workmanship, and style that complement and enhance any architectural style or setting.

Representing the Uhlmann umbrellas, we can offer stylish umbrellas that are strong and durable, in over 100 sizes. The smaller “Classic” umbrellas that Uhlmann manufactures are the most popular in Europe. On the USA market the large commercial umbrellas that provide shade solution for up to 845 square feet fill a special niche. They are ideal for restaurants, hotels, resorts, cafes, and create an entertainment area around pools, theme parks, and other public places.

The large commercial size and quality umbrellas serve a valuable purpose on school grounds, play grounds and public parks also, - protecting our children from the harmful rays of the sun.

The company’s “StrongWind” umbrellas are also available in large sizes that can cover a whole patio. And their proven wind resistance (over 60 mph) makes them perfect choice for any extremely windy location.

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